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How to Promote a Healthy Work Culture in the Medical Field


无论他们在哪个领域都在努力,没有人喜欢糟糕的工作环境。程序员不喜欢敌对的工作场所,既不是政治家,教师,建筑师或伐木工人。但医学领域的有毒工作环境可能是特别不舒服 - 而不仅仅是为了那里工作的人。

Asnurses, doctors, and therapists, caregivers are supposed to heal and give comfort to people who are sick, injured, or otherwise unwell. Medical professionals are dealing with and caring for people who may be having the worst time of their lives, and that patient-oriented aspect makes healthcare uniquely vulnerable to consequences of a bad work environment. Healthcare professionals who aren’t satisfied with their work environment, who dread coming to work and only show up to get a paycheck, often don’t deliver the care their patients expect — and need.

虽然大部分基础健康的工作文化来自管理层, it grows from the bottom up. Even as a new or less experienced nurse or other medical professional, there are things you can do to contribute to a great work culture. Starting good habits early means you’ll keep them your whole career — including when you might one day find yourself in a management position.


医疗专业人士只是人类。在你的医疗生涯过程中,你会看到人们犯错误 - 你会自己制作。但别担心;大多数时候他们将是一个可固定的小事,你会从他们那里学到。

It’s important to not take feedback and criticism personally. The person telling you that you did something wrong isn’t saying that because they dislike you; they’re telling you because they want you to fix the mistake and work on improving yourself as a medical professional.

如果你在另一端的批评,这是important to do so respectfully and constructively. Try to present your feedback in a positive way that makes your coworker feel like they’re being helped to improve, not scolded. A workplace where people are regularly made to feel ashamed is a workplace where people start hiding mistakes. And that’s a problem.




Just because there’s a way you’ve always done things doesn’t mean there’s not another way to do them. When a coworker gives their perspective or opinion, make them feel like they’re being respected and listened to.





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We’re certainly not saying you should prioritize jokes over doing your job, or even that you need to be best buds with your coworkers when you’re not on the clock. But given how high stress your job can be, it’s critical you find time to take a breather.

Find some low-impact,善良的笑话你和你的同事可以享受. A little laugh can go a long way! Put a silly wig on a model skeleton. If it doesn’t get in the way of your real work, and it doesn’t make anyone feel put down or bullied, levity in the medical workplace is a great thing. After all, your patients will feel more at ease when they see their nurse with a smile on their face, right? Laughter may not actually be the best medicine, but it doesn’t hurt.

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How to Promote a Healthy Work Culture in the Medical Field